By Vivek Ranjan

updated 9 months ago

Taking breaks while working is essential so that you can give your brain some respite from all the heavy work it has been doing. In fact, breaks can help you come back to the problem you have been working on with greater vigor.

Makerflow can help you take breaks without disrupting flow or sacrificing collaboration.

Taking Breaks

Click on "Take a break" and select what kind of break you are taking. This will:

  1. Hide all your tasks and notifications so you can step away and stop thinking about them. 
  2. Continue showing recently concluded, ongoing, and upcoming meetings.
  3. Update your Slack status if you have connected a Slack workspace to Makerflow. This is a great way to let coworkers know that you are on a break and won't be responding until you are back.

Once you begin your break, a timer will show you how much time has passed since you started. This is a great way to judge if you are resuming work too soon or have been away too long.

Information about how many breaks you take or their duration are not shared with anyone else.

Ending Breaks

Once you are ready to end your break, hit the link that says "End break" to see your tasks and notifications again and clear your Slack status if you have that integration setup.


Makerflow is not a time tracking app. Information about your breaks, whether it be number of breaks, their types, or their duration are not shared with anyone else. If you have a Slack workspace(s) connected to Makerflow, your status will be updated there with the emoji of the type of break you selected and text indicating that you are on a break.

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