Workday - Starting, ending & timing


By Vivek Ranjan

updated 9 months ago

Begin Workday

When you login to Makerflow, you will see a big blue button that says, "Begin Workday." Use this to do just that - begin your workday.

This is a great way to signal your mind and body that you are getting started with work. Especially helpful for remote workers who might not have a commute, causing work and life to blend together.

All your tasks, notifications, and meetings are hidden away until you begin your workday. We didn't want you to peek at them and start thinking about all the things you have to work on until you are ready to start working.

Timer & ending workday

A timer shows you how many hours you have been working, so you don't get lost in a state of flow and continue working forever.

Hit the "End workday" button to wrap up. This will hide your tasks, notifications, and meetings so you can go on and do other things you enjoy besides your job.


Makerflow is not a time tracking app. Information about when you start or end your workday is not shared with anyone.

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