Pairing Mode


By Vivek Ranjan

updated 9 months ago

Pairing Mode is very similar to Flow Mode, but for when you are actively working with someone else. It's what we refer to when you want to stay focused on one task and enter a state of flow or "get in the zone", along with one or two other teammates.

You can begin "Pairing Mode" by clicking on the big green button that says "Being Pairing" on your Makerflow dashboard. We like to keep things simple. This will:

  1. Hide your notifications and tasks from the Makerflow dashboard
  2. If you have connected to Slack, your status will be updated to reflect that you are currently pairing and responses will take longer than usual.

Consider closing your Slack app and email so you are not distracted by their notifications while you focus and work in collaboration with your teammates.

While pairing, keep an eye on the how long you have been at it. You don't want to keep going for multiple hours and tire out yourself or your teammates. That's not an effective (or fun) way to work. We suggest taking a break every hour or so or whenever you reach a good breaking point. Taking a break will allow your to refresh yourself and come back with new energy.

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